It’s taken me about 45 Christmases, but I think I’m finally ready to accept and admit and make my peace with the fact that I am not very good at wrapping presents. When I begin, I always envision this beautiful box wrapped in brightly colored paper—it has smooth sides and sharp pointy corners, and paper […]

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A Child’s Hope

What is your best Christmas memory? Does it involve getting a present you really, really wanted, like the Red Ryder BB Gun Ralphie wants so much in the movie, A Christmas Story? Maybe it was something Santa brought that totally surprised you but turned out to be the greatest present ever. Or perhaps it’s a […]

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The Gift

How are you all sitting here so quietly? There no fidgeting, no toe-tapping, no glancing at watches. Don’t you know what day it is? It’s Christmas Eve! This is the night! Wonders will happen! Anything is possible! Who knows what happy miracles await us when we wake up tomorrow morning? When I was a little […]

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