The Valiant Sixty

This week a different kind of inspiration came to me when I was thinking about the message I would bring this morning. I heard the phrase, “The Valiant Sixty,” in my head, and I just knew that stories would come and attach themselves to that title. And they did. So today we’re going to spend […]

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Apple Season

Already it’s apple season. And that brings lots of things to be thankful for: Apple cider, apple cake, cinnamon apple bread, apple pies. Tart apples, sweet apples, crispy apples, red, green, and gold. Life is good, especially in the fall, isn’t it? The local you-pick apple orchards are now open for business, and farm stores […]

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Paths to Peace

Hopefully, as you sit here this morning in this beautiful place, among Friends, you feel a sense of ease and peace. For these few moments we share together, there’s nothing else to do, nowhere else we need to go. We can just settle into the quiet, listen for God together, and feel filled up by […]

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Song of the Heart

In contrast to all the bad news we’ve heard in headlines recently, there’s been quite a bit of good news in the world of nutrition. Some things previously said to be “bad” for us are getting get-out-of-jail-free cards. For example, early this month, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that drinking coffee is […]

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A Matter of Grace

It’s so good for us to be together in this beautiful place, among Friends, relaxing in the quiet, feeling our minds and hearts settle. In this place with God, life feels whole. Peace and harmony are possible. We know that because they are here in this space with us right now. As are other qualities […]

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