The Gifts of Imperfection

Well, like it or not, we slid on the ice right into a new year. For some of us, the change is jarring—kind of like the way we resist changing to Daylight Savings Time. For others, it’s a relief to see 2017 go. No matter which group you belong to—sad to see the year go […]

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The Gift

How are you all sitting here so quietly? There no fidgeting, no toe-tapping, no glancing at watches. Don’t you know what day it is? It’s Christmas Eve! This is the night! Wonders will happen! Anything is possible! Who knows what happy miracles await us when we wake up tomorrow morning? When I was a little […]

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Let It Snow!

So who here this morning was glad to see the snow yesterday? Aw, bah humbug! But it was at least beautiful, wasn’t it? There’s something mesmerizing about watching those delicate snowflakes falling slowly toward the ground. It’s like time becomes visible for the slightest moment. And a hush, a stillness, seems to come over everything […]

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Confession, Quaker Style

Last Tuesday night I gave a presentation on the family-centered care at hospice for the folks at the Greenfield Kiwanis Club. The meeting was held in the back of a Ponderosa restaurant and it was just packed in there—there were probably 60 people present. We never did get the technology figured out so the PowerPoint […]

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A Redeemed Life

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and chances are, you are already making—or have already made–your plans for the holiday. Thanksgiving brings so many things we love–our comfortable traditions; people we enjoy; and favorite family recipes (both to make and to eat) that connect us to our past and give us a sense of […]

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For the Love of Fiona

  This weekend, in honor of Ruby’s soon-to-be 11th birthday, we took a family trip over to Cincinnati with a plan to visit the Cincinnati Zoo and meet Fiona, a six-month old hippo and Internet sensation who lives with her mother Bibi and her father Henry in the hippo exhibit at the zoo. It is […]

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Just Like Jonah

Our thoughts and prayers–for protection, for comfort, for reassurance, for provision–are with the people of Florida today and all those who are concerned about those in the storm’s path. Blessings to all life–human, animal, and planetary. Peace to us all. Once upon a time, there was a moody and difficult prophet named Jonah. His name […]

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Scraped Knees and Second Chances

First, prayers and thoughts of safety and peace for all beings impacted by Hurricane Harvey. To help, please consider donating to the Red Cross (, Austin Pets Alive (, or the support organization of your choice. August 27, 2017 Did any of you go through your childhood with perpetually scraped knees? I know I did—and […]

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There’s something about Mary

Wouldn’t it be nice if–even for a brief time, say, a week—we could experience what it means to live in perfect harmony? All we’d hear would be the sound of sweetness. What a rest that would be! The news would all be good news. The weather each day would be absolutely beautiful—low humidity, sunny skies, […]

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