The Beautiful Season

Last Sunday, during monthly meeting for business, Ruth stood up and shared a thought she had about the flowerbeds on the south side of the meetinghouse. Right now, she said, there are boxwood bushes on each end and “dry, dead stuff” in the middle. She suggested we might put some thought and care into what […]

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Day by Day

Well, I’ve had show tunes on my mind this week. It started on the fourth of July, as I remembered my experience in high school when I was the second violin in the pit orchestra of the musical 1776. The year was 1996, and I was a freshman; our country was celebrating the bicentennial. The […]

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Prodigals All

  Happy Father’s Day to you if you are a father, have had a father, or have loved someone who is a father! I read some interesting research this week that showed that being a dad makes men happier and more satisfied with their lives—and apparently most dads would choose time with their kids over […]

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The God Lever

In last week’s message I mentioned I was adapting to using only my left hand for the time being and that I’d discovered that when I come up against an obstacle—putting my hair up or peeling a banana, for example—the answer often seems to have something to do with leverage. That idea stayed with me […]

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Loving Tomorrow’s World

My days always begin the same way: I get up before the sun, put the coffee on, and spend the next 30 or 45 minutes walking and talking with God. My prayers usually follow a pretty well-worn path: I start by praying for each of my children and their spouses, then my grandchildren, then our […]

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The Good Shepherd

I’ve never been comfortable with the idea that we should somehow fear God, that we are in danger of losing God’s love—or worse, inviting God’s wrath—if we mess up or make bad choices or struggle to find the good in our lives. King Solomon, the wise son of David, wrote in Proverbs 1:7 that “The […]

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The Glow of Gratitude

Well, we had our first real taste of winter this week, as temperatures dipped down to the 20s at night and ice covered our birdbaths and frosted the fields. On Wednesday morning, I had the heated seats in my Jetta turned all the way up, but I still shivered most of the way to the […]

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Rainbows and Other Promises

Just over a week ago, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, upending the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and flooding an area the size of Connecticut. The storm damaged at least 100,000 homes, displacing families to shelters and other temporary housing where they may wind up staying weeks or even months until it’s […]

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Peace Like a River

A number of years ago, my kids and grandkids and I started getting together on Sunday evenings for what we call “family dinner,” where we pitch in and share a meal before the new work week begins. It’s been a mostly fun tradition, a way to be actually present with one another in person—enabling us […]

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Why here? Why now? Why Me?

  Even if you try not to listen too much to the news, chances are that for most of us, this past week was an anxious one. We had threats and careless posturing from world leaders and increasing concerns about the possibility of nuclear war. Yesterday I learned that the Kenyan election results have in […]

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