Song of the Heart

In contrast to all the bad news we’ve heard in headlines recently, there’s been quite a bit of good news in the world of nutrition. Some things previously said to be “bad” for us are getting get-out-of-jail-free cards. For example, early this month, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that drinking coffee is […]

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Kinship with All Life

What will you do to commemorate Earth Day today? Will you pick up trash, plant flowers, go to the recycling center, feed the birds, or just breathe the fresh spring air and feel grateful? There’s an infinite number of ways—organized and not—we can honor the sacred relationship we share with our earth. I personally look […]

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The New Normal

On a beautiful spring day in 1969, my friends Shannon and Dee Dee and I were thrilled to discover that all our parents were in good enough moods to say “Yes,” when we asked them if we could walk to the store by ourselves. We lived in a big neighborhood of townhouses on the east […]

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God’s Possibilities

Have you ever struggled with something that you just couldn’t find an answer to? Maybe it was a big decision that would affect people you love. Perhaps it was conflict with another person, and you just couldn’t see eye to eye. Or it might have been a big leap of faith—something was stirring inside, leading […]

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