Connecting the Dots

Would it surprise you to hear that less than two weeks ago, on March 31, it was announced that scientists have discovered a new organ in our bodies? A new organ? How is that possible? Don’t we already know everything that’s in here—we’ve identified it all, given parts a name, and learned generally how to […]

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This Creative Moment

In every single moment of our lives, God is creating something new. There is new energy, a new breath, new interactions with friends, new news to receive. There is new light to notice and new sounds to hear. New things to be touched and comforted by. If you think of the vast amount of newness […]

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Stories & Stillness

Don’t you just love a good movie? Movies give us common stories we relate to, with themes we understand and recognize—good versus evil, fish out of water, obstacles are overcome, true love is found. Movies also make us feel—we get temporarily transported into a new life, into new adventures, into a fresh world of possibilities. […]

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A Hope Reborn

So, what do you hope for? Depending on how full you’re feeling at the moment, after our Christmas breakfast, you may be hoping for a blanket and a cozy spot to curl up and take a nap. Whatever we hope for, our capacity to anticipate something good on the horizon, to envision something positive coming […]

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Something Completely Different

So here we are—we made it through yet another shift from Daylight Savings Time. Researchers say we all tend to be a bit more grumpy and irritable, and may even clumsier, on the two days of the year that the time changes. That means we should be gentle and even more forgiving than usual with […]

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