Peace Like a River

A number of years ago, my kids and grandkids and I started getting together on Sunday evenings for what we call “family dinner,” where we pitch in and share a meal before the new work week begins. It’s been a mostly fun tradition, a way to be actually present with one another in person—enabling us […]

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Why here? Why now? Why Me?

  Even if you try not to listen too much to the news, chances are that for most of us, this past week was an anxious one. We had threats and careless posturing from world leaders and increasing concerns about the possibility of nuclear war. Yesterday I learned that the Kenyan election results have in […]

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Girl Power, God Style

If you’ve ever spent any time on an elementary school playground, you may have heard this universal truth: Girls rule, and boys drool. Okay, so it’s not a universal truth. But it is something that confident third-grade girls sometimes say to third-grade boys. I may have even said it a time or two myself. The […]

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Have you ever walked into a room and then stood there, wondering what you’d gone in to do? Have you ever started driving to a particular destination and then wound up someplace completely different than you’d intended? Or how about this—you went to the grocery and got all kinds of great things—but forgot the one […]

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Tempting thoughts

  Where in your life do you find yourself tempted? Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies cookies? Peanut Butter Cup blizzards? Or maybe it’s a certain kind of car, your favorite brand of shoes, or that place you’ve always wanted to go on vacation. Temptation is a common experience for all of us. Anyone who has […]

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There’s something about Mary

Wouldn’t it be nice if–even for a brief time, say, a week—we could experience what it means to live in perfect harmony? All we’d hear would be the sound of sweetness. What a rest that would be! The news would all be good news. The weather each day would be absolutely beautiful—low humidity, sunny skies, […]

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The Big Reveal

HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED that there are certain things in life that are never finished? Like mowing the grass, or doing the dishes. You can mow the grass on Saturday but there’s no escaping the fact that in five or six days, that grass will begin looking shaggy and need to be mowed again. Dishes are the same story—you might have a short reprieve when the last glass is put away, but wait a couple of hours and the dishes will start to multiply in the sink. Soon you’ll be right back where you started—scrubbing and rinsing and drying again.

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