Kinship with All Life

What will you do to commemorate Earth Day today? Will you pick up trash, plant flowers, go to the recycling center, feed the birds, or just breathe the fresh spring air and feel grateful? There’s an infinite number of ways—organized and not—we can honor the sacred relationship we share with our earth. I personally look […]

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Have you ever noticed that we have lots of sayings that imply that the wind—the natural wind, the wind that blows so fiercely in March and early April—that wind brings change? A quick Google search brought up lots of examples, and I’ll bet you can think of more: The winds of change Fly like the […]

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Connecting the Dots

Would it surprise you to hear that less than two weeks ago, on March 31, it was announced that scientists have discovered a new organ in our bodies? A new organ? How is that possible? Don’t we already know everything that’s in here—we’ve identified it all, given parts a name, and learned generally how to […]

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Loving Tomorrow’s World

My days always begin the same way: I get up before the sun, put the coffee on, and spend the next 30 or 45 minutes walking and talking with God. My prayers usually follow a pretty well-worn path: I start by praying for each of my children and their spouses, then my grandchildren, then our […]

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This Creative Moment

In every single moment of our lives, God is creating something new. There is new energy, a new breath, new interactions with friends, new news to receive. There is new light to notice and new sounds to hear. New things to be touched and comforted by. If you think of the vast amount of newness […]

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The Good Shepherd

I’ve never been comfortable with the idea that we should somehow fear God, that we are in danger of losing God’s love—or worse, inviting God’s wrath—if we mess up or make bad choices or struggle to find the good in our lives. King Solomon, the wise son of David, wrote in Proverbs 1:7 that “The […]

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The Tender Truth

When I was young, I used to love to walk along the sidewalk by my grandmother’s garage when the lilies-of-the-valley were in bloom. She had a huge flower bed full of them—probably 12 or 15 feet long. I loved the deep green of their broad leaves and the sweet little sets of bell blossoms on […]

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