The Woolly Worm Principle

So what’s your prediction for winter this year? Are we in for a snowy season, subzero temperatures, lots of ice? Or will it be gray and rainy without much snow accumulation? We’d sure like to have a sign so we’d know how to prepare. Get more ice melt. Make sure our shovels are still in […]

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You’re among Friends

Right now we seem to be heading quickly toward that pinnacle moment of fall, when colors are at their most vibrant. I love not only the beautiful colors but also the warm afternoons and cool mornings and evenings; it’s like the best of both worlds—cool enough that a sweater or blanket feels cozy, but not […]

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For the Love of Fiona

  This weekend, in honor of Ruby’s soon-to-be 11th birthday, we took a family trip over to Cincinnati with a plan to visit the Cincinnati Zoo and meet Fiona, a six-month old hippo and Internet sensation who lives with her mother Bibi and her father Henry in the hippo exhibit at the zoo. It is […]

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The Legacy of Light

This might not be something we think about very often, but it’s true: Every single life is a story of the light unfolding. In some people, this is obvious; in others, it’s not; and in some, it may look like they are running from the light as fast as their legs will carry them. But […]

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Just Like Jonah

Our thoughts and prayers–for protection, for comfort, for reassurance, for provision–are with the people of Florida today and all those who are concerned about those in the storm’s path. Blessings to all life–human, animal, and planetary. Peace to us all. Once upon a time, there was a moody and difficult prophet named Jonah. His name […]

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Rainbows and Other Promises

Just over a week ago, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, upending the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and flooding an area the size of Connecticut. The storm damaged at least 100,000 homes, displacing families to shelters and other temporary housing where they may wind up staying weeks or even months until it’s […]

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Scraped Knees and Second Chances

First, prayers and thoughts of safety and peace for all beings impacted by Hurricane Harvey. To help, please consider donating to the Red Cross (, Austin Pets Alive (, or the support organization of your choice. August 27, 2017 Did any of you go through your childhood with perpetually scraped knees? I know I did—and […]

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