Quaker Morning Dawns (again)

Good morning, Friends! I felt inspired to begin posting brief daily reflections on our Quaker Morning page again yesterday and just wanted to let you all know. There isn’t really a game plan for these mini-podcasts; I simply want to share the ideas that bubble up during my quiet time at the start of the day in case they resonate or, as Quakers say, “speak to your condition.”

You’ll find the page here: https://spacebetweenwordsweb.wordpress.com/quaker-morning-daily-reflections/

I plan to keep updating the same page with new posts (which doesn’t send out any kind of notification unfortunately but it seems a better option that adding an entirely new page each day), so please check back if you find them to be a spark for your own reflections.

Thanks and blessings on your day. 🙂

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